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As a firm with a global outlook, we are driven by providing unmatched services to our clients with professionalism and competence in our core area of practice. For our arrays of Clients scattered in different locations, we offer excellent services at all times, and getting exceptional results is our watchword in these areas


Agriculture and Food Processing

In spite of the major focus on petroleum, agriculture remains the base of the Nigerian economy, providing the main source of livelihood for most Nigerians. The sector faces notable challenges, including; limited adoption of research findings and technologies, high cost of farm inputs, poor access to credit, inefficient fertilizer procurement and distribution, inadequate storage facilities and poor access to markets.

At the Cloud Attorneys, we offer advisory to various levels of government, private sector stakeholders, foreign investors, development bodies and agricultural cooperatives along the agriculture value chain. Our team of Lawyers are ever ready and available to deliver the top-service that you desire.


Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

At the Cloud Attorneys, we broker peaceful resolution, and mediation of dispute, we prosecute and defend litigation matters for our clients in courts and tribunals within and outside of the country. We have an adept grasp of the judicial system and Arbitral Mechanism, winning landmark cases as a result in superior Courts of Record, and Multi-Door Court Houses.

We work to ensure that disputes arising from the business and commercial activities of clients are resolved with minimal expenditure of time and resources by clients.


Artificial Intelligence & Automation/ Cloud Computing.

Our global AI & Cloud Computing practice comprises a multi-disciplinary team. We act for companies and their investors across the industry, including in the Software Development, automobiles, aviation, pharmaceuticals, biotech, MedTech, diagnostics and healthcare sectors.

The practice operates on a cross-border basis and covers the full spectrum of legal support. We advise on mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions (including licensing and collaborations), IP (both contentious and non-contentious), capital markets and finance, regulatory and dispute resolution. Our international network ensures that we have a ready resource of expertise in a number of jurisdictions, including those in emerging markets, and that we are well positioned to advise on cross-border work.


Blockchain Technology/FinTech/Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology will potentially revolutionize supply chains, agreements, contracts, currencies, and more.  It may continue to evolve unpredictably, but it seems that elements or derivations of this technology will be part of business and our everyday lives for the foreseeable future.

Our global practice helps clients take advantage of blockchain technology’s huge potential and disruptive impact, while avoiding falling foul of ever-developing regulatory and legal requirements. We work with a wide range of clients as they explore digital currencies, token sales, and new uses for blockchain. Our extensive experience helps clients find solutions in a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Corporate & Commercial Services

Your business. Our experience in how businesses really work; their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, enables us to give you practical, commercially relevant advice.

Your industry. Informed by our knowledge of regulators, suppliers, and customers, we help you develop the right business model, foster strategic relationships, navigate complex regulation, manage risks, understanding the legal underpinnings in digital marketing, and address challenges your business faces every day.

Your world. Relationships, not just transactions, enable us to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so we can provide real insight.


Data Privacy & Cyber Security

Our deep industry experience and global perspective means that we can advise our clients at each stage of the data lifecycle. At the front end, we help our clients assess and reduce their privacy and security risks and comply with applicable laws.

When developing marketing programs or new products and services, we assist clients by advising on privacy and security at the outset to maximize the effectiveness of their offerings and avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls.

We advise clients on complex issues associated with both personal and sensitive business data, including its collection, use, storage, disclosure, transfer and destruction.

We counsel clients on legal compliance and business strategy relating to privacy and security risk management, cybersecurity and technology transactions.


Employment & Labour Relations

As a Firm, our strong reputation is founded on our unique ability to provide innovative solutions to complex legal issues in a manner tailored to each client’s individual needs. This extends through the various sector services we provide, including matters of employment and labour relations.

The Cloud Attorneys has provided employment/labour legal advisory services, human capital management and employment audits. We also represent client’s interests in various courts of law, including the National Industrial Court and in trade union matters.



Information technology has been one of the greatest drivers of change in today’s world. It has provided the world with a vast array of new capabilities and opportunities with almost every business sector or human activity having adapted the use of technology solutions in one form or another; its use however constantly presents new challenges which, many a time, can only be resolved through the combined practical application of knowledge and expertise in technology law.

For the firm, the application of technological solutions and innovations to financial services is not new in Nigeria, as a number of payment systems and participants in the FinTech space have been our clients for several years.


Property Law Practice/Real Estate & Urban Regulation

The Real Estate sector of any economy remains the repository of wealth and value creation. Over the years, our real estate group has garnered substantial experience which gives it the capacity to serve an impressive portfolio of financial institutions, Real Estate and property development companies, as well as individual clients.

The Firm has vast experience in investigating and deducing title; preparation of conveyance documentation, obtaining government’s consents and registering land instruments. The Real Estate Team has over time engaged and gained substantial experience in the range of transactions such as: drafting and negotiating real estate contracts and other conveyance documents, perfecting title to real estate, structuring the financing of complex real estate transactions, including mortgages, ensuring regulatory and permit compliance with pertinent laws and regulatory bodies and executing lease agreements between various entities, to mention but a few.


Oil & Gas/ Power/ Renewable Energy

Our Energy, Power, Transport and Infrastructure Groups have extensive knowledge and broad expertise in legal transactions in the industry sectors. Being respected as one of the most experienced commercial law firm in the energy industry, The Cloud Attorneys practice is abreast with local and international issues and polices that impact on transactions in the industry.

With experience in the areas of oil, gas, mining of natural resources, and other sources of natural energy, The Cloud Attorneys has played an instrumental role in several high-profile transactions in the oil and gas industry in recent years.


Sports and Entertainment

In this age of content as king, we combine commercial and legal expertise to promote and protect your content interests. Our Entertainment, Leisure and Media Practice group cut across corporate, commercial, intellectual property and litigation interests with an in-depth understanding of the entertainment, media and sports sectors in Nigeria.

While it may be said that Nigerian entertainment law is still fledgling, we offer extensive services across all commercial aspects of entertainment and media law, key to which are contracts, financing, intellectual property and dispute resolution, all relevant to music, film, television, fashion and other aspects of the creative arts. We draft, review and negotiate recording, publishing, management, distribution, licensing and partnership agreements, as well as devise strategies to help our clients protect their intellectual property rights.


International Trade/Foreign Investment & Divestment

The in-depth industry knowledge and specialist shipping and international trade expertise of our team enables us to advise on various transactions relating to charterparties, bills of lading, debt and equity financing, corporate structures for ship ownership and joint ventures, management agreements, flag and operational registrations, employment, port & logistics, ship finance and lease, ship sale and purchase, ship mortgage registrations, ship recycling, crude oil and commodities trading, trade finance, international sales, documentary credit, marine insurance, marine casualties, pollution, piracy, ship arrest and release.